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Wars (G Harp) © Lightning Lucas, 2015
G, D, C, G,... C, G, Am, D,...
Chorus: (G)Wars are just (D)battles, (C)battles just (G)fights, (C)fights are for (G)sport, and (Am)sports are just (D)wars x2 ...
Am, D, G, Em,... Am, D, G, G...
... where the (Am)horrors are (D)real, but (G)just in your (Em)mind, and the (Am)pain that you (D)feel's an e(G)motional (G)kind, that will (G)go away (D)soon, yes (C)soon you'll feel (G)fine, we've a (C)canny a(G)bility to comp(Am)artmental(D)ize, for you'll (G)hate your op(D)ponent, but (C)it's a fine (G)line, you might (C)also be (G)friends and (Am)hang out some(D)times 
(Am, D, G, Em/(G)) (Am, D, G, Em/(G))
(Am)Wars are just (D)battles could (G)mean that the (Em)wars are com(Am)posed of just (D)battles or (G)it could mean (G)more, that the (G)wars have an (D)end, but there's (C)no end in (G)sight, each (C)war's just a (G)battle, just (Am)one little (D)fight, and (G)hatred breeds (D)hatred each (C)day has a (G)night, but each (C)night has a (G)day so we (Am)wait for the (D)light. 
(Am, D, G, Em/(G)) (Am, D, G, Em/(G))G, D, C, G,... C, G, Am, D,...
So (Am)where does this (D)lead, what do (G)we have in (Em)store, fewer (Am)functional (D)plowshares and (G)more and more (G)swords, and the (G)mine-sweeping (D)teams seem to (C)reap their re(G)wards, let us (C)all walk (G)with them, we must (Am)all walk (D)towards the (G)light at the (D)end of the (C)tunnel is (G)love, we must (C)lay down our (G)weapons so that (Am)we'll rise a(D)bove, for though (G)Wars are just (D)battles and (C)battles just (G)fights, (C)love is just (G)kindness and (Am)kindness just (D)war that is (G)waged without (D)weapons and a(C)ccording to (G)lore can be (C)fought without (G)fighting so (Am)step out the (D)door and do (G)something a(D)bout the in(C)justice you (G)see, for (C)justice is (G)love, and (Am)love is just (D)peace, not the (G)absence of (D)war but the (C)presence of (G)love, I (C)think that is (G)all, I think (Am)I've said e(D)nough. 
(Harp Outro)


from And Then Keep Running, released February 28, 2015


all rights reserved



Lightning Lucas Harrisonburg, Virginia

On July 21, 2013 Lucas was directly hit by a freak lightning bolt. He lived to appreciate the stage name.

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